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These Safety Clips are designed to be hands on ways to improve your company's
safety through inspections and tailgate meetings. Each Safety Clip has two parts –
An inspection (job hazard analysis) and a tailgate safety meeting. These can be
used separately (just the inspection or just the tailgate meeting/safety training) but
the intent is to use them together. Do the inspection then provide training on any
deficiencies that are found from the inspection using the safety training form. If no
deficiencies are found, move on to another job task.

The inspection process is valuable as it can assist with defining hazards and
determining what topics need to be covered in your organization. This process
can also assist with creating your Code of Safe Practices. Construction-related
companies are required to do Tailgate Safety meetings every 10 days per Cal/OSHA,
you might as well make them effective and useful!

Download the word docs individually or as a zip file containing all seven documents:

Cover page
Noise hazards
Table saw
Nail gun
All documents in zip file