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Architects and Engineers

Seven Ways Exchanges Can Help Serve Your Clients

  1. Multiple Plan Rooms located throughout California give your project a board base of exposure to the construction industry. This can be achieved with as few as one set of plans/electronic file provided to a single plan room. At your direction, Exchanges can share the plans electronically with most plan rooms in the State.
  2. There is NO CHARGE to you, the project owner or agency, to place plans in any of the GSBE Plan Rooms. This free service is offered to help you get more qualified bidders for your project, resulting in the lowest possible project costs for you and your client.
  3. Fewer calls will be made to your office since Builders Exchange staff can answer many routine questions about bid date, the list of bidders, trades excluded (if any) plus information regarding addenda, pre-bid meetings and conferences, etc.
  4. Fewer visits will be made to your office by bidders since they can review the plans & specs, make takeoffs and prepare estimates in the BX Plan Rooms.  BX reference libraries containing building codes and various public works standards are also usually available to help bidders comply with your needs.
  5. Maintain total control of your project by using a select list of your very own “Pre-Qualified” General Contractors (or a single General Contractor).  You may also exclude certain trades from bidding the job when you have already selected a specific supplier or subcontractor for a portion of the work.
  6. Advertise your project in the weekly publications of the non-profit Builders Exchange members of Golden State Builders Exchanges, reaching thousands of potential bidders for your project, including local companies and minority and women-owned businesses just right for your project.
  7. For the best competitive bids, send your projects to the many California Professional Builders Exchanges in your area. Our goal is to serve our local communities, the industry and YOU!