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About Us

GSBE is the association of California’s many Professional Builders Exchanges located throughout Northern, Central, and Southern California. Our broad-based membership and geographical coverage help insure that GSBE member Exchanges provide the very best in construction services and information statewide.

GSBE was formed by the Builders Exchanges in California to better serve their over 10,000 member firms and the many design professionals, public agencies, and consumers that are involved in construction activities.

GSBE and its member Builders Exchanges represent more construction-related companies than any other industry organization in California. With memberships comprised of union and open-shop general building and engineering contractors, all classifications of specialty subcontractors, material manufacturers and suppliers, and building-related professionals and associates, the Builders Exchange members of GSBE provide a truly balanced and representative industry viewpoint on the full range of issues impacting the construction industry.

GSBE and its member Builders Exchanges provides quality workers’ compensation insurance through its State Compensation Insurance Fund Group Program to over 2,000 construction industry businesses, actively monitoring workers compensation insurance and other regulations on behalf of construction industry employers and businesses.

GSBE member Builders Exchanges provide a full range of benefits and services to their construction industry members, including professionally staffed plan rooms, weekly publications containing information about projects out to bid, bid results, building permits, legal notices, group insurance and bonding programs, news articles and updates on a variety of topics of construction industry interest.

GSBE member Builders Exchanges provide FREE PLAN ROOM SERVICES to public contracting agencies, private owners, architects, and engineers to help them receive the best responsible bids for their construction projects.   .