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What is GSBE?

The Golden State Builders Exchanges is an organization comprised of 20 builders' exchanges and contractors associations throughout California. The organization was formed in 1996 to be able to offer a group workers' compensation program to licensed contractors and others in the construction industry in partnership with State Compensation Insurance Fund.

How can I get a premium discount on my workers compensation insurance policy if I am not a member of GSBE?

You must be a full member of your local Builders Exchange that participates in the State Fund Group program.

Besides the premium discount on your group workers' compensation insurance policy, what other services do I get as an Exchange member?

As a member of a local Builders Exchange you will have access to safety services from the Builders Exchanges or contractors associations that represents your area in California and has been assigned to provide safety services to you. The local organizations offer even more services, often including plan rooms for jobs out to bid, advertising and networking opportunities, group health insurance programs, and more. They will be in touch with you frequently during the year to make you aware of seminars, workshops, publications, and other services available to you.

How do I place a plan at a local Builders Exchange?

The easiest way is to look for the nearest Builders Exchange where the project is being built. It's a free service-you can find the list of Builders Exchanges by clicking here. .